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I have been working with computers since 1975 (Yes, I was running a keypunch in diapers). I received my Computer Science degree in 1986. I got started with robotics in 1993 and 3D design in 1998 with Macromedia Flash. I do a fair bit of the graphics and printing myself. However, I have a team that provides the skills and technologies that allow us to offer pretty much anything your imagination desires.

We do many of the plastic and flexible material prints in-house. We are part of a network of 3D Printing companies that can provide most any other material prints.

In the last thirty years both 3D design and robotics have come a very long way. Blending the two technologies has us in a place where we can literally design and print things pretty quickly.

Please note that “Quickly” is relative term. The robots that do 3D printing achieve this by laying down hundreds of layers of material in specific shapes to create an object. Even as good as they are, larger prints can take days for a printer to produce. In 2020, we can print in plastics, nylon, poly carbon, metals and yes, even food, just to name a few.