3d Printers

The Making of ideas


Meeting your needs

As the demand for our printing services and retail inventory increases, we have increased our inventory of 3D printers. We have started moving over to the Delta style FDM printers because they are 2 to 3 times as fast with the same or better quality. However, we lose a little in build size with this style of machine.


Monoprice Delta Pro

Since Delta printers get taller to increase the size of the objects they can create, this is a very tall machine. With a build area of 280mm (11 inches) diameter and 300mm (12 in) tall this printer can make larger objects at 2 to 3 times the speed of our Cartesian printers. 

We have purchased 2 of these extremely well build machines allow us to reduce the time required to make your ideas real.

Flsun Q5

This is the smallest build volume printer in the inventory. but what it lacks build size, 200 mm (8 inches) diameter and 200 mm tall,  it more than makes up for in its speed and quality. 

This machine was purchased to allow us to do much more rapid prototype printing. That allows us to reduce the design process time requirements significantly.


Artillery Sidewinder X1

Not only is this printer our largest format printer at 300mm (12 in) x 300 mm by 400 mm (16 in) tall, it is one of our quietest. This work horse of a machine regularly does 36 to 50 hour prints and is running nearly continuously to meet our large format and volume printing requirements.

The way the printer is set up we can print 18 of these units at a time. It saves a great deal of time to do a mass prints, but if something goes wrong you have wasted a lot of material and time, With the X1 that does not happen much. 


Sovol SV01

This standard size format, cartesian, direct drive machine allows us to produce prints made from PLA, ABS, PETG, and the very tricky flexible materials like TPU.