100 hour print

Large Format Printing



at 94 hours


The technical bits

Printer Config

The Printer for this project is an Artillery Sidewinder X1 (v4+). The plus on that is because it has the latest release extruder head assembly which is not quite a month old.

Where the Sidewinder has a great heated bed, mine has a .05 mm dip in the center, so I have added a Garolite G-10/FR4 Sheet to the top of it, which really helps bed adhesion.

The nozzle for this print is the Micro Swiss Plated 0.4 mm which I have had exceptional performance out of.

The print was controlled by Octoprint.

Print Error

If you look carefully you will see that there is about a 2mm shift of the print to the right at about hour 58. We had a short power interruption of about 1 minute. Thankfully the printer resummed, but it had the slightest shift in the print.




Slicer Settings

The slicer used for this project is Idea Maker. The entire slicer profile is here. however, the primary settings are:

  • Layer height: 0.16 mm
  • Infill: 10%, Gyroid
  • Extruder Temp: 212c
  • Bed Temp: 58c
  • Print Speed: 55 ms/s
  • Flow rate: 96%
  • Bed Adhesion: Raft
  • Supports: None

With the Plated nozzle, I bumped the extruder temp up a couple degrees.I normally print PLA at around 60mm/s but bring it down when I want a good looking finish.

This model was so big, I did not want any adhesion problems so I elected to have a raft on this print.

In retrospect, I should have sliced this to print in Vase Mode, I probably would have save 10 hours on the print.